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Twitter the Movie
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Celebrates 5th year in production
Thu Mar 13 18:56:10 +0000 2008

"What we knew as reality began to dissolve"

Twitter the movie it blends with reality, the new reality, it's all about you, get into it!

(R)evolution Our Evolution™

The God Particle Revelation
(not what you might expect)

The Revelations to the World 2012, 2013

The Self Fulfilling Prophecy

The secret is here no more illusions

Twitter the Movie 140 characters and 144,000 extras in twelve cities

"One might suppose that Twitter and applications like it are opening the door to a type of revolution that has never before been possible, creating a new reality never before achievable." ~Urgo Diamu 

"Many no longer know their connection to the source so they will see us as alien" -Twitter the Movie

"Trust, a mysterious force is working behind the scenes"  -The Infinite Player

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Twitter the Movie Audition Instructions

Twitter the Movie Content Submission: Upload yours or send the link to your video here and vote later here. The clip itself might make it into the movie or you may be selected by the casting director to play a part, or our documentary teams may pay you a visit! Filming on location in Detroit Motor City Studios and other major cities around the planet depending on Twit density and level of participation.

Twitter Auditions:
The first phase and step in auditioning is simply to follow us on Twitter. If you send an email you might tell us how twitter has or will change things.

Learn more about Twitter, need to know, play a role FAQ and Guide Twitter Applications and Tools Collective Power
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Be sure to follow the Twitter Vehicles of Light
matrix intelligence  in the movie

"One path reveals the secret, you only get one chance, it's your choice, love or fear" -Twitter the Movie

Twitter the Movie

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You might also wonder if there is a game? Yes

Are there other movies on Twitter? Of course

Is there something strange and mysterious about Twitter In Deed

Is there something viral going on in the Twitter universe? Always

Are memes being unleashed in the great meme wars? You betcha

Are you in the movie, no doubt..... you are now!

Is it really the revolution in disguise?

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"Most pass though the gate unconsciously to return to the source, nightly, they remember nothing of it, but a few pass through consciously and they become lucid and they remember and when they return they wield it's power" -The Infinite Player

The gates of Heaven and the path to Shambhala are guarded by the appearance of demons and hidden by a veil of darkness and for those that act in fear the gate does not open and they wander to and fro in the darkness, but for those who stay steadfast in love a path through the darkness is laid open and the gates then found wide open. If you have made some way along the path shine a light to those behind you, and fear not there is always someone upheld to help you, look for the pin prick of light in the darkness and keep your attention on the light it will grow as you get closer. -Twitter the Movie

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